Welcome to Inventors Assistance Australia, an organization in Perth, Western Australia focused on helping Inventors from original idea right through to full commercial success. We have the experience, know-how and contacts working with associations and innovation centers plus investors, manufacturers, and service providers to help you get your product to market quicker, with greater financial returns.

Do you have a new product or business idea? IAA can help you protect and Fast- track your invention because we have taken many other ideas and products to market and can help you avoid the pitfalls that can often slow-down new or inexperienced inventors for years.

Your first steps are critical there is no substitute for commercial experience from practical IAA inventors who have already created successful products and businesses.

Have a look at just some the innovative Aussie products represented on our website. Some patents are for sale and enquiries from distributors or investors are also welcome. Enjoy your visit and make contact if you need assistance to get your idea or invention moving ahead.

Products updated regularly plus news and events on the Aussie invention scene so please visit again.

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